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Archive for July 2008

Google announced some expanded free services for non profits recently. They are not neccessarily the most user friendly services out there though. I have noticed with the google interfaces in general. I guess they want to encourage API development to improve on these issues.

So if you are non profit (or for profit and want to take advantage of low cost google services ..AND SOME ARE FREE for FOR PROFITS as well) here is a list of services which we created more detailed instructions for. (also found at http://www.market4good.com/resources.aspx):

Host your domain with Google
You need this to setup email and a webpage under your domain.

Gmail for an organization
You can use your own domain and still use the gmail system as your mail server.

Setup Individual Email Accounts
Manage many email accounts under your domain name.

Google start page
You can make it easy to find your shared calendar and put custom content or news.

Google Calendar
Share the events you want everyone in your organization to know about.

Web Pages.
You can setup a web page for your organization with google.

Admin Dashboard
Lets you administer the other google services you have set up.

Google Docs and Spreadsheets
Collaborate with shared spreadsheets and documents which multiple people can maintain shared documents.