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I decided to take my Wordle data set out for another spin and make google maps from each category.

Here are the maps. Hope you enjoy them!

There are not 100 questions in each map because some people did not provide valid US locations and a few questions were taken out for being off topic as described before.  The maps end up have 829 questions in 9 categories. Thanks to MapaList for the map tools and Ken Ward’s HTML guide for the javascript template.


UPDATE:  I just put this data into google maps here.

Disclaimer: Wordles are often more artistic than informative but I thought it might fun to visualize the voice of the people.

A lot to write about from Government 2.0 camp but I am a bit under the weather and wanted to relax a little tonight.  So I created wordles of the top 100 questions  to President Obama from each category of the  Open for Questions application on Whitehouse.gov .  I also appointed myself the moderator and ruled that marijuana is a legitimate health reform issue but not a budget, financial stability, green jobs and energy or jobs issue.  The off topic questions were removed from the top 100 in those categories.  However if you want to see the complete raw data in Wordles, it is available here.

Phase net from IBMs Many eyes. Top 78 words and their relations from all categories. (Top 100 from each after moderation).

Phrase Net from top 50 words from Open for Questions

Word Tree All Categories starting with Mr. President

Mr. President Word Tree

The full wordles below are on Wordle.net.  Click on the thumbnail to see the full wordle:

Top 100 from all questions combined:

Top 100 Questions from all 10 categories


Education Top 100

Home Ownership:

Homeownership Top 100

Health Care Reform:

Health Care Reform Top 100


Veterans Top 100

Small Business:

Small business Top 100

Auto Industry:

Auto Industry Top 100

Retirement Security:

Retirement Security Top 100

Green Jobs and Energy:

Green Jobs Energy

Financial Stability:Financial Stability

Jobs Top 100

Budget Top 100

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